Jacqueline Sterbach, Founder, CEO

673A1897Jacqueline Sterbach CEO and founder of What is Your Voice, Inc. is a survivor of Domestic Violence. She is a Domestic Violence Peer Advocate, Domestic Violence Life Coach and registered with the International Association of Life Coaches (IAC). Currently she is finishing her Applied Behavioral Science Human Services degree with plans to pursue a Master’s Degree in Mental Health Counseling focusing on Trauma and PTSD Recovery.

Jacqueline is a self-made woman whose executive business career started as an intern within a very competitive all male industry. Ultimately, she became the Director of Marketing and Executive Sales for the seventy-five-year-old, all male corporation. She acquired several national awards and honors, including a headline article in a National Industry magazine called ‘Day in the Life of a Saleswoman.

Experiencing domestic violence as a child by the hand of her own abusive mother led her to fleeing as a young teenager in the middle of the night into the hands of her first predator. This pre- determined path of domestic violence led her to several bad choices for partners. Regretting deeply the damage and impact from her third domestic violence abuser on her children’s lives as she witnessed the ravages of fear, threats, and physical violence. She was empowered by her faith to attain a Protective from Abuse Order and broke the lifetime hold of domestic violence over their lives.

During her recovery, she volunteered as an advocate for survivors of domestic violence as a hospital companion, violence hot line and trained advocate for a shelter in Maryland for several years. As she advocated in outreach she was approached by a Pastor to launch and co-lead a support group program for domestic violence survivors out of his deep concern for his members. This model grew over the years and she saw a need for expansion into a Holistic platform focusing on Trauma and PTSD long tern care.

Jacqueline relocated to Lewes, Delaware to care for her elderly father and quickly realized the lack of services for survivors of violence and human trafficking within Sussex County. She launched a ministry in her home that grew quickly and over the years the need for expansion into a 501c3 nonprofit complex was evident.

What is Your Voice, Inc. 501c3 non-profit is a community focused grass roots organization birthed from years of survivors journeys and research of her life’s work of empowering women with educational teachings. A Holistic approach of the power of connecting women into a community, support network and recoveries focusing on Trauma and PTSD. Her long-term goal is to build a complex for women and children survivors of domestic violence and human trafficking within Sussex County. Jacqueline is a Fearless Warrior who is an advocate for women and children survivors of violence.