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Community Reintegration

Community Reintegration

Community Regeneration is a core service at What Is Your Voice, Inc. The unique challenges of domestic violence, family violence, and teen dating violence create a landscape often poorly navigated by those unable to locate safety and find a voice for themselves.

We offer a multidisciplinary and multifaceted approach to healing and getting you back to where you need to be for you. Reintegration is tantamount to stability. From finding a job, to learning about housing resources, we are there every step of the way to create a bridge over your challenges and bring your voice to light. 

We have seen over 40 mothers and children rehomed and reintegrated back to the community of Sussex County. That means mothers and children back at work, or play, or school.  Building meaningful relationships and bonds with the people around them, learning how to safely navigate the world and be a part of their own story again. Your Peer Advocate will work tirelessly to identify your goals and get you back to where you are safe, where you can be free, and where you can create a home within yourself.

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