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Therapeutic Community

Therapeutic Community

What is Your Voice, Inc. offers a therapeutic community model for our clients. That means, when you walk through our doors at The Pearl Safe House, you’re part of a community that understands your unique needs. You’re with a community that knows what being a survivor feels like. Each member is responsible for each other. We lead together and face the future together — you’re not alone anymore. Community starts with holding each other accountable and with keeping each other accountable. We grow and change together and create the brightest future by being guideposts and custodians of the process for healing and change.

A person-centered approach is at the heart of the services we provide. We treat the person first. That means, when you come to our door at What Is Your Voice, Inc., we focus on you — as a person. We support and focus on achieving your aspirations and design your individual program to meet those unique needs. You are more than your challenges.

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