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We’ve been advocates and changemakers for our clients since 2012. Since that time, we’ve been creating an inheritance of security and safety for the future generations of families and individuals impacted by domestic violence. It’s with help from our donors and partners, and amazing people like you, that we can continue our mission to fight back against the hand of violence and protect future generations in Sussex County.

Your donation is put to immediate use protecting vulnerable children, ending food insecurity in Sussex County, and reinvigorating the lives of those impacted by domestic violence in Delaware. Consider a monthly pledge and see how you can make a difference:

$5/month: Provides toiletries to Pearl House residents
$15/month: Provides one hour of Advocate Services to a client in need
$25/month: Gives one client a box of food from Matthew’s Place
$50/month: Ensures a child has access to technology to stay connected
$75/month: Supports a client staying in our transitional housing

Donate today and help us break the cycle of violence in Sussex County.

Becoming a legacy supporter means you’ll be part of our Silence Breaker, a passionate and dedicated community.

Each Silence Breaker receives a thank you gift and more!


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