Thank you for considering a donation.  Below the donation box are campaigns we have setup that you can choose to support.  Make your selection on the donation form.  If you don’t want to select a campaign you don’t have to.  We will use your donation where it is needed most.  Thank you for your support!

The Pearl House      


Within this house are sheltered Precious Pearls. Women and children are placed in a violence free place of safety to be able to find their voice and re-purpose their lives.

100 percent of your Your donation supports and sustains the shelter and the needs of those who within a safe environment. 


Crisis Baby Pantry and Women Pantry


Women with babies and children need critical provisions quickly. It may take weeks before they can be connect to a resource for their needs. We sustain them and hold the family together as we help them build a support system. We provided diapers to clothing, including the items that EBT food cards can not buy like toilet paper, toothpaste, feminine hygiene items, detergent, soaps and shampoo to name a few. They are looked at as luxury items not a food item.


Educational for Employment


 Advancements for GED, College, Technical Certifications. Including  personnel documents or certifications for employment. 

 Recovery of ( birth certificates, drivers licenses, Personal Identifications to name a few). 


Vehicle Expenses


Children’s Car seats or car repairs, tires for safety. The gas cards are vital and necessary for women to be able to transport themselves and children for doctors appointments, job interview, and for employment.


Urgent Pet Care .


 Veterinary Pet Care for vaccinations, licenses, food and supplies and if necessary temporary foster care. 


Other (were needed the most).