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Sharika Irving

Sharika Irving

Sharika Irving

Case Manager

With a dedicated focus on serving vulnerable populations, Sharika has spent the last 7 years as a committed Case Manager/Advocate in Sussex and Kent Counties, specializing in Domestic Violence Shelters. At What Is Your Voice, she takes pride in overseeing Case Management, a role that she finds deeply fulfilling as it allows her to support individuals in crisis with empathy and impartiality. Her primary objective is to meet clients where they are, ensuring access to essential resources for Safety Planning, Housing, and daily living necessities. Passionate about the field of Case Management, Sharika continuously seeks opportunities to enhance her skills and knowledge.

In 2022, Sharika expanded her expertise by earning certification in Public Health. As a Community Health Worker (CHW), she engages in Education, Counseling, and Advocacy for clients from diverse cultural backgrounds. Collaborating closely with Social Services, Public Health Offices, and other agencies, she strives to enhance health service accessibility for all communities. Through one-on-one interactions, she empowers clients with knowledge on disease prevention and fosters a culture of community health and safety.

Beyond her professional endeavors, Sharika finds joy in spending quality time with her son, whether cheering him on at sports games or simply enjoying each other’s company. Family and friends hold a significant place in her life, and she prioritizes nurturing these relationships whenever possible.

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